I received this in a mail thought you may be interested in this.

My maternal grandfather, Alfred JAGO was born in Wayland, Pelynt, on 23.01.1873. His father, John Jago was married to Catherine White.

Alfred emigrated to Queensland, Australia, where he became a successful businessman. His offspring included the daughter Hilda/Brenda, my dear aunt. On 11.12.2001, Hilda/Brenda died at Tully, Queensland. Murder for her estate of $2-3 million is suspected.

I have written a 624-page book on her suspicious death – CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Concealing Crimes in Queensland, Australia. (see, The book names people, contains images, and identifies politicians involved with the Add to dictionary death.  The governor-general of Australia is among those identified. (She was the governor of Queensland at the time.) I engaged over 12 forensic experts to study different parts of the case. They are all identified.

Would very much appreciate your informing me the best newspaper to advertise this book in Cornwall so its Add to dictionary is made know to my distant relatives. (If there is anyway you can advertise the book, I would of course not be opposed to that.) Many thanks.


Dr. Keith Allan Noble
Unit 72 B
Am Heumarkt 7
1030 Vienna, Austria
t/f: 43-1-9712401

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