Jago Stats

 Surname Summary Data for JAGO
Frequency Comparisons Total Rank Frequency % Per million people Great Britain United Kingdom (current)          1497 3758 0.003 33 United Kingdom (1881 census)                         1147 3514 0.004 38  Change since 1881                              +350 -244 -0.001 -5 Other Countries United States N/A 28849 less than 0.001 N/A  Australia 688 2341 0.004 42 Notes Total is the total number of people with that surname.
Rank is the position in the list of names ordered by total (eg, a rank of 1 means that it’s the most common name, and a rank of 10 means it’s the tenth most common, etc).Frequency is the percentage of people with that surname. Per million people is the number of people with that surname per million of the population. All of these are approximate figures, and the current figures especially so. The 1881 census figures are correct for what was recorded on the census, but we don’t really know how accurate it was. At least, though the 1881 figures won’t change, as it’s a snapshot of a point in time. The current figures, by contrast, are variable according to births, deaths, migration and marriages, so the values shown here are only a best approximation to whatever was the case when the underlying data was collated and will not be the same as whatever the values are right now. ‘N/A’ indicates that we don’t have data for this name in that country or time (usually because it’s quite uncommon there and our stats don’t go down that far). It doesn’t mean that there’s no-one there with that name at all! For less common surnames, the figures get progressively less reliable the fewer holders of that name there are.
This data is aggregated from several public lists, and some stats are interpolated from known values. The margin of error is well over 100% at the rarest end of the table! It’s possible for a surname to gain in rank and/or total while being less common per million people (or vice versa) as there are now more surnames in the UK as a result of immigration. In mathematical terms, the tail has got longer, with a far larger number of less common surnames. Similar Names The following names have similar spellings or pronunciations as JAGO. This does not necessarily imply a direct relationship between the names, but may indicate names that could be mistaken for this one when written down or misheard. The most likely matches are shown first.
JAGO JACKA JOSE JESSE JOSHUA JOSIAH JOY JOICE JAGOE JEE JAGOW JOYCE JEW JAYES JAYE JAQUES JAY JOSEY JACQUES JAKES JACO JESKO JUKES JACK JEX JEWKES JACKS JAYO JASO JESS JOSS JUGO JOHE JO JOA JEWS JOH JOCK JOECKS JEZ JOE JOAS JI JEZEK JUSKO JEZEWSKI JOCOY JIAU JOKI JOO Matches are generated automatically by a combination of Soundex, Metaphone and Levenshtein matching. Common Misspellings and Typos The following words are slight variants of JAGO that are likely to be possible typos or misspellings in written material. JGAO JAOG AJGO JAG JAGA JAGOA JAGOE JAGOI JAGOO

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