alfred scrace + mercy wood

14 children
reuben scrace
Birth: july /aug/sept qtr vol 2b page 1401868 28 24Keymer, Sussex, England
Death: lived @ viewlands scanes hillMay 19, 1938Sussex, England
David Jesse Scrase
Birth: jan/feb/march qtr vol 2b page 1701878 38 34Keymer, Sussex, England
Death: oct/nov/dec qtr vol 5h page 2211970worthing West Sussex england
Mercy d Scrase
Birth: july/aug/sept qtr vol 2b page 1701879 39 35cuckfield, Sussex, England
Death: july/aug/sept qtr vol 5h page 6461961Worthing, Sussex, England
issac wood scrace
Birth: july/aug/sept qtr vol 2b page 178August 20, 1882 42 38Keymer, Sussex, England
Death: jan/feb/march qtr vol 5h page 7191971Cuckfield, Sussex, England
john henry scrace
Birth: jan /feb/march qtr vol 2b page 172January 10, 1888 48 44Keymer, Sussex, England
Death: vol 18 page 2776February 1984worthing West Sussex england

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Family group information
church of the latter day saints/oct/nov/dec qtr vol 2b page 177
December 3, 1862